A meeting of exchanges in experiences and cultures in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with Wiwas

On November 14, 2016, in the city of Santa Marta was scheduled the meeting between members of the Wiwa people and members of the company that works with the Wiwa community through the company Wiwatour, called G Advetures. This integration had a lot to do with the work that is being done in the indigenous territories together with the indigenous authorities of the area that accompany these works.

The two teams that walked together as a group for five days, which is required to visit the Lost City, where they not only exchanged experiences, but also cultural and knowledge issues. It was an experience for both of them where mutual support on the development of tourism was essential. Among the experiences there are anecdotes, humors, jokes, laughter, fatigue, but above all learning.

We interviewed one of the members of the Wiwa community and that is chief operating officer of the WiwaTour company, Eliecer Gil, who organized a large part of this meeting:

  • —Wiwa Magazine: In general experience, how was the meeting between the indigenous guides and the G Adventures team?
  • -Eliecer: The experience was wonderful, since it was possible to share programmed achievements since the beginning of the meeting.
  • —Wiwa Magazine: What was learned from the G Adventures team, as guides and as a person?
  • -Eliecer: As a guide, we learned in group management and have total confidence. As a person, we learned that each job should work like a big family, helping each other.
  • —Wiwa Magazine:  Who was the soul of the party on the walk and why?
  • -Eliecer: El alma de la fiesta en el equipo de G adventures fue Angel Grandez Santillan y en los guías Wiwa Tour fue Celso Bolaño Sauna.  Cada de uno de ellos tenían un personaje en los grupos y tenían esa actitud de alegría natural.
  • —Wiwa Magazine:  There was a lot of talk about Gabo’s famous phrase, what is that famous phrase?
  • -Eliecer: The phrase of our guide Jose Gabriel Moscote was exactly these words“ WHAT IS DIFFICULT IS MADE, THE IMPOSSIBLE IS TRIED “WAS OR” IS MORE MOTIVATING THAN ONE THOUSAND ENERGIZING BEVERAGES “
  • —Wiwa Magazine: Any comment from you about this meeting.
  • -Eliecer: Like Eliecer Gil, I can only say that I feel happy for my boys and be a great support for them personally.

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