An encounter with Wiwa indigenous nature and culture of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Indigenous Community wiwa


tradition wiwa gotsezhyIf you want to escape from the city and get lost in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada in search of a connection with the indigenous culture and nature, the Indigenous Community of Gotsezhy is the best option.

Shaman Spiritual Gotsezhy
One of the wonders that this place has is its fantastic waterfall that looks like a tale, called La Cascada Matuna, excellent for cooling off and swimming in crystal clear waters.

Tourists enjoying Gotsezhy Santa Marta
In addition the Indigenous Community of Gotsezhy is a Wiwa population that still preserves its language, its culture, its customs and ways of life, all these characteristics of this town are available to our travelers, so that they can be main actors and interact with This native indigenous culture of the Sierra Nevada.

Culture Wiwa in Rio Gotsezhy Santa Marta
This community is located 120 meters above sea level, is a warm area for the cozy climate of the place and its majestic rivers of white sands that makes the waters are crystal clear. You can learn from the local guides, the importance of the relationship with nature, as part of the cosmovisions of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Trek to the Gotsezhy Indigenous Community Santa Marta
The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta keeps among many things, ancient cultures, those unique traditions that characterize the indigenous peoples of the Sierra, mega biodiversity and also legends and stories from the region. This mountain shelters impressive landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and new surprises to discover.
So do not miss the opportunity to visit the Indigenous Community of Gotsezhy, a native indigenous village embedded in the middle of the Sierra Nevada, tropical rainforest and indigenous cultures.

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