The Best Lost City Trek Colombia
best tour to lost city

The Best Trek to the Lost City Colombia you do with Wiwa Tours

Next we will explain to you how the travel agency was born Wiwa Tours, With which you will make the Best Lost City Trek with our Native Indigenous Guides, direct descendants of the ancient Tayrona.

We are one Travel Operator Agency to many destinations within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Lost City Tayrona We consider ourselves experts in doing all kinds of small group adventure tours at incredible prices with native Indians.
More than ten years ago we decided to build an indigenous travel agency to carry out excursions within our own territory, aiming at the sustainability of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Our tour operators are Wiwas and Koguis indigenous guides, have the ancestral, clear and precise knowledge of all our destinations in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, especially the Best Lost City Tour you will do it with Wiwa Tours

The Ecotourism is a fascinating experience, travelers will find in their indigenous guide a cultural and philosophical reference regarding nature and the relationship with the human being. They live in symbiosis with the ecosystem and defend the environment above all and make it noticeable.

the best lost city tour

During the passing of time Wiwa Tours became one of the travel agencies preferred by travelers, we put into practice all our culture and traditions to manage the Ecotourism, Trekking, Adventure Tours and Hiking .
All this is because we listen and take into account the opinions of our hikers and take them into account to improve our quality of service.

the best lost city tour

A adventure excursion to the Lost City It is much more than a simple vacation, it is the best option to propose personal challenges and to get to know the world better, since you have a direct relationship with people from other places and cultures.
The lost City has a similarity with Machu Picchu ruins Unlike the architecture and terraces of the Lost City have never been restored, this city was once the city of the ancients. Tayrona indigenous , a civilization that disappeared at the time of the conquest, today there are the ruins of a sacred city protected by the native indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

best lost city tour

This cultural destination is defined by Wiwa Tours as a walk on ecological trails and excursions through the jungle, the guide is indigenous and will lead the adventurers through trails and camps until they reach The Lost City Tayrona .

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Trips to Lost City

lost city 5 day tour
Reserve 10%

Lost City Trek Colombia

In this Trek to the Lost City Colombia, you will enjoy a unique and fascinating adventure with indigenous guides ✅ You will be part of an ancestral journey through natural trails full of jungle and vegetation.
5 days
lost city tour
Reserve 10%

Lost City Hike Colombia

Trek to the Lost City of Colombia with Native Indigenous Guides from the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ✅ Wiwa Tours invites you to enjoy this adventure Trek and conquer all the challenges that the Lost City Tayrona
4 days


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