Gotsezhy, famous for its cultural and ancestral conservation of the Wiwa people

Gotsezhy is a Wiwa village embedded in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is located in the Guachaca River Basin via Santa Marta to Riohacha, Kilometer 49.

Centro poblado de Gotsezhy
Indigenous Village of Gotsezhy


This town was founded in 1986 by the spiritual leader Mamo Ramon Gil Barro of the Wiwa ethnic group, one of the four groups of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Ade Ramón came from the department of La Guajira, and at the direction of other Mamos and consultations with traditional and spiritual authorities, he arrived in the Guachaca basin to form a new community, under his leadership.

Centro Poblado Tolezhy
Indigenous Village of Gotsezhy


Currently this basin is the Wiwa territory of the department of Magdalena and represents almost 10% of the entire Wiwa village of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it also represents the political, cultural and educational center for this part of the Sierra.

From the decade of the 80s, after being founded Gotsezhy, four other population centers were created, of which are called Toleizhy (La Peña), this center is located at 100 MSBM, about 10 minutes from the village of Guachaca, currently Toleizhy is a place for the formations of new leaders and Mamos of the Wiwa people. Currently it has more than 8 houses for the Mamos and leaders that are formed there.

Centro Poblado Wimake
Indigenous Village of Wimake


The other town is called Wimake, this town is located at the head of the Guachaca River, where the river is born, very close to a height at 1,800 meters above sea level. There are approximately 30 families, of which there are health posts, an educational center and ceremonial houses for men and women, as well as family homes. This community that practically, the sustenance depends on agriculture and hunting. This populated center was founded at the end of the 1980s, in 1989.

Finally, the traditional educational center Kalabangága, a place located more than 2,000 meters above the level of the mas, is a center that only forms the Mamos, sacred site for the Wiwa people, it is a place to make the payments and rituals for the sanitation and healing of the territory and the people, therefore represents a place of great importance.

Currently, projects are being developed with the Colombian State, and with the support of local and international foundations, indigenous and territorial organizations are taking environmental protection processes, emphasizing the ancestral knowledge that still persists in these millenary cultures.

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