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Only with Wiwa Tours you can enjoy different cultural Trekking in Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta and all its surroundings.

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Wiwa Tour is an agency which offers tours and exclusive destinations of the indigenous culture of Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta.

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We have scheduled departures every day to the diverse destinations we offer from beaches, Trek to indigenous communities and the Sierra Nevada.

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We are a travel agency committed with the Indigenous Community of Sierra Nevada; we train our Indigenous Guides of the region.

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When traveling with Wiwa Tours, you contribute to the social and economic development of the Indigenous and peasant communities of Sierra Nevada.

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Featured Tours

Lost City Trekking 4 days Santa Marta
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Lost City Trek Colombia 4 days

Adventure Trekking with indigenous guides  Where you will enjoy demanding challenges in this discipline, a 4 days Trekking to The Lost City is the best option to know fantastic places, during this ancestral journey.
4 days
50 Km
Trek a la Comunidad Indígena Gotsezhy Santa Marta
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Indigenous Village Gotsezhy

During this cultural adventure excursion ✅ We will be accompanied by an Indigenous Wiwa guide and enjoy an Ecological Trekking for tourists who enjoy the typical fauna and flora of the trails of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
2 days
10 Km
Lost City Trek 5 days Santa Marta
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Lost City Trek 5 days

Trip to the Lost City of Tayrona ✅ You will be accompanied by indigenous guides and you will live a demanding hike for adventurers or athletes who enjoy long walks on ecological trails typical of the Sierra Nevada.
5 days
50 Km
Pueblito Chayrama Trek Santa Marta
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Pueblito Chayrama Tour - Tayrona Park

On this trip ✅ you will be accompanied by an indigenous guide and enjoy an Ecological Walk ideal for tourists who enjoy the culture and traditions of indigenous peoples.  
1 day
5 Km
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Exclusive Destinations in Santa Marta and the Caribbean

Lost City Trek
Lost City Trek
Tayrona Park
Tayrona Park
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada
Guajira Colombia
Guajira Colombia

Tour Reviews

Jhon Mettius C.

Lost City Trek Colombia 4 days

The best trek in south america !!

Mark Fortune

San Lorenzo Tour

It’s a long, bumpy 4×4 trip to the site. The tour includes a walk around the coffee processing plant. Noisy large machines dating back over 100 years drown out the voice of the guide. If you love watching working antiques, you’ll love it. You can buy coffee and a snack at the end.

Toby Greet

Minca Tour Santa Marta

Minca is a small village situated in the mountains. Every morning the sun is shining and every afternoon it is rainy. The village has a few good places like hostels, café or bakery. The most cool atractions are around the village. I recommend you to visit Marinka, Pozo azul, Los piňos and Casa Elemento. There is also coffee farm and beer factory.

Mathieu Chevalier

Tayrona Park Tour - Cristal Beach

Parque Tayrona is a hidden gem. Is the only place in the world where you can get mountains, rainforest, pristine beaches and native culture. Is a sacred place for the Tayronas, Arauacos and Kogis. Flora and fauna are out of the ordinary. The place can become crowded and entrance is limited so is hard to get an entrance if you don’t book a tour or know your way around.

Phillip Maritz

Tayrona Park Colombia - Bahia Concha Tour

Bahia Concha is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever visited. There is a bar that sells fresh fruit drinks which was very nice and fun. Make sure you go very early in the morning as it gets very crowded throughout the day.

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Lost City Trek Colombia Santa Marta

¿How to get to the Lost City? The Machu Picchu of Colombia.

There is no doubt that the Lost City ( Teyuna ) is a tourist destination very similar to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru
Temporary closure of Colombia Lost City

September, temporary closure of The Lost City Colombia

Wiwa Tours informs all our travelers that in the month of September they will not be able to make the trek to the Lost City.