¿How to get to the Lost City? The Machu Picchu of Colombia.

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There is no doubt that the Lost City ( Teyuna ) is a tourist destination very similar to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru and that you must visit on your trip to Colombia . not always have the opportunity to hike in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain trails making crossings, rivers and the most important to know the cultures as indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a System Natural Declare or a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site since 1993.

Well without further ado begin to give you a clear idea of what the Lost City means and how you can make this adventure Trekking within the many things to do in Santa Marta.
The Lost City Tayrona (Teyuna) , also known as the Teyuna Archaeological Park, are archeological ruins of an ancient indigenous civilization many years ago , called the Tayrona Indigenous people, from which four indigenous communities descend today : Los Koguis, Los Wiwas, Los Arhuacos and Kank uam os responsible for the sustainability and spiritual maintenance of all the ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Knowing that the Lost City was an ancient indigenous civilization full of myths and legends, called Teyuna and which is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at about 1200 masl, we can say that the only way to connect with our ancestral destiny is through an excursion (hike) along trails of tropical selva, mountain trails and river crossings.

conocer el tour ciudad perdida
The Trek to Lost City it is in part a journey through peasant communities and territories of indigenous communities descendants of the Tayronas.
The total distance from the beginning of the Trekking to the Lost City and leaving by the path that leads to the Mamey where the transport awaits back to Santa Marta, consists of approximately 60 km.

As a recommendation , it is very important to warm up the muscles before starting any walk, since some tearing or cramping during the tour would be an aggravating circumstance, causing your experience to be very unpleasant.

This Trekking to the Lost City is segmented by camps where the adventurers can get water, feed and rest a bit from the fatigue of the walk, in some of them you will have accommodation in cabins or hammocks depending on the season.

Camps on the Lost City Trek

  •  Refugio Wiwa Gotsezhy.
  •  Camp Vista Hermosa.
  •  Camp Wiwa.
  •  Camp Paraíso Teyuna.

Lost City Tayrona as you arrive, there are three ways or ways to make this trip to the Lost City.

First of all we are going to recommend the New Trek to the Lost City , this new route connects a native indigenous community with the trip to Ciudad Perdida, they will have the opportunity to live with a Wiwa village embedded in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
The Wiwa Tour Travel Agency is the only Operational Agency that works with native Indigenous Guides from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , who will make you enjoy this unique and incomparable adventure trip .
Remember that there is an additional service for transporting luggage from camp to camp. A heavy suitcase is uncomfortable and somewhat hot when walking on steep paths , so this local service of transport of suitcases in mules, so that you can walk lightly by the footpaths without any weight that affects you .

ciudad perdida trek con guias indigenas


¿ What lead to the Lost City? ?

  • A small backpack, remember that weight is a determining factor when walking long distances.
  • A 1-liter water bottle, Wiwa Tours includes a 1-liter Sierra Nevada water bottle so you can recharge it during the passage through the camps that segment the route.
  • Camera, ideal for you to show others your experience.
  • Comfortable clothes for walking on ecological trails.
  • Sturdy sandals to cross the rivers.
  • Several pairs of socks, you will need them since the humidity does not let you dry the socks quickly.
  • Walking shoes, during this Trek some trails are somewhat muddy and slippery mud so the shoes for the Trek are very important.
  • Hat or cap, to protect us from the sun.
  • Bio-Repellent, very important because there is constant presence of insects and mosquitoes.
  • Sunscreen, to protect us from UV rays.
  • Cleaning tools, it is recommended to bring biodegradable products to protect the environment and support sustainable tourism.
  • A flashlight, so that at night you can move comfortably.
  • Bathing dress, to enjoy the crystalline rivers of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
  • Plastic bags for moisture, it is very likely that you will find rain and this bags will keep your clothes dry in your bag.
  • Personal medicines , if you have any medical treatment it is important that you take them.
  • Now if we go in search of the Lost City, with the help of the indigenous guides of Wiwa Tours to guide you at all times…

Day 1 – Start the Adventure, Wiwa Gotsezhy Community A cultural meeting in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

During the first day, all the travelers are waiting to meet the indigenous guide or the indigenous guides that will take them to hike in the jungle of the Sierra Nevada in search of the Lost City that important information will share this in the induction of the Trek, Very early the tour starts and a 4×4 truck takes us to the village of Guachaca, where the real road adventure begins uncovered until we reach the Encanto (Indigenous Village Wiwa) , then walk 15 minutes and we will be in the Gotsezhy Refuge , Cultural Destination where they will spend the first day of adventure.

campamento gotsezhy ciudad perdida
Honestly the best ethno – cultural experience that will adventurers will be on this day, since in Gotsezhy can learn the customs and traditions that keep indigenous peoples, also can understand a little about the worldview of the natives through the work of them still We can enjoy natural places like these full of fauna and vegetation.
In Gotsezhy, an indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, there is a beautiful natural waterfall called Matuna, ideal to refresh and recharge in these crystalline waters, since the walk is just beginning ….

The indigenous cuisine in this place is definitely delicious, they have an excellent restaurant service where they make all their kindness available to tourists and make them feel at home.

refugio gotsezhy la mejor gastronomia indigena
The spiritual connection that exists in this community of Gotsezhy is fantastic, the Mamo is the spiritual leader and the person in charge of shaping the thoughts of the community, thus guiding all the people who wish to converse with him, thus demonstrating their culture over your lives.
The Indigenous Guide in the company of other indigenous people will make known their culture, their histories, customs and traditions of the Community I ndígena Wiwa also be the perfect time for all travelers of different nationalities get to know a little more as they share with each other for 4 days in the jungle s s of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

guias indigenas en gotsezhy ciudad perdida

Before going to sleep the indigenous guide gathers all the adventurers to explain the itinerary of the following day and the good councils so that the travelers enjoy the most of this walk along magical trails.

Day 2 – Ecological Trek, Camp Vista Hermosa – peasant Territories of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

On this day all the adventurers get up very early, following the indications that the Indian Guide the night before. After being ready and equipped, breakfast and order to undertake the walk along an ecological path where they found themselves filled with vegetation of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta majestic landscapes.

trek ciudad perdida con guias indigenas

The indigenous guide takes advantage of any break or break in the Trek, to give directions and verify the status of hikers.
Practically the Trek of this day is something soft in comparison to the following days, the crossing is executed by half steep trails that cross the peasant territories of the region.
We can take pictures of special places and natural settings full of life and vegetation.

caminata a ciudad perdida con guias indigenas
After 6 hours of walking approximately along rocky trails and in some somewhat muddy stretch, you will be arriving at the second camp (Cabaña Vista Hermosa) where you can rest and have a cup of coffee or chocolate before going to bed.
As a recommendation before going to rest, be aware of the guide’s instructions, almost always informing travelers the itinerary of the next day.

Day 3 – In search of the Lost City, Cabaña Paraíso Teyuna, majestic river Buritaca

On this day try to feed yourself very well, since they need extra energy for this long walk, during the trip the hikers will climb uncovered roads full of jungle and vegetation.

trekking a la ciudad perdida nueva ruta
Well, the moment of truth arrived, on this day the adventurers will have a lot of time to think as they go along with the walk, but do not worry about all this effort is worth it, I assure you.
When it’s half a day or sooner, everything depends on the rhythm of the group, the walkers start arriving at Camp Wiwa, where they rest a little to take lunch and immediately continue with the Trek. In this Camp travelers will have the option of knowing a very beautiful waterfall called Wiwa Waterfall, where they can cool off and take a delicious bath.

guianza turistica a ciudad perdida
After lunch, the adventurers continue the trek, observing a more pronounced jungle and the weather begins to change, giving us a warning that the Lost City is nearby. This trek consists of approximately 4 hours to my opinion is the segment of the route is more demanding because at this point the body begins to feel physical exhaustion, good adventurers reach the Paradise camp Teyuna and start to feel a cold which tells us that we are very close to our goal.

travesia por la sierra nevada de santa marta
In this Camp travelers find a well-stocked store where they can enjoy a product that causes cravings. Before going to bed the indigenous guide will give a very detailed talk about the Lost City of Tayrona, its history and the sacred meaning for the native indigenous communities descendants of the ancient Tayrona.

Day 4 – The Lost City Teyuna, Archaeological Ruins of an Indigenous Ancestral Civilization

This day is one of the most important of the tour, since all travelers are looking forward to discover the archaeological ruins of the Lost City.

ciudad perdida buritaca
The day starts very early and very motivated by travelers, take breakfast and travel approximately 1 hour trek through jungle paths full to the junction of the river Buritaca starts.
When all the hikers have crossed the river they will be able to see the first stone stairs of these ancient archaeological ruins, they go up 1,200 steps to reach the first terraces of the Lost City Tayrona, in this place it is expected that all the travelers of the group are together to follow the protocol of entry to this Archaeological Park.

pagamento en ciudad perdida santa marta

The protocol of entrance of Wiwa Tour to the Lost City by the indigenous guides is unique, no agency has this ancestral ritual where all the members of the group plow a small spiritual payment, stripping themselves of all the negative energies and asking permission to the ancestral Tayronas.

ciudad perdida tour con indigenas nativos
On this day the adventurers will say “It was worth this personal challenge” to reach the highest terraces of Teyuna (1200 meters above sea level) in time and be able to take the best pictures of the place, it is undoubtedly the best of the trip and if you are lucky you will be able meet and interact with the MAMO (spiritual leader of Kogi culture), this person you ara see life from another point of view, since you advise to leave all s your s energy s negative s and tidying your spiritual life and material.

fotografias de la ciudad perdida colombia
You know by the indigenous guide the whole story of the Lost City Tayrona and the events that marked the life of one of the most important indigenous civilizations of Colombia, the relationship with the indigenous cultures with mother nature is spectacular as protect all cost ecosystems and sustainability within the territories of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

ciudad perdida tayrona colombia
After the tour of about 3 hours you will have an unforgettable feeling, you will see that this cultural destination is more ancient and magical than I can describe here in this article.
They will begin to descend to reach the first climbing with stone where hiking started, return to cross the Buritaca river and reached the Paradise camp Teyuna which will take n lunch and almost immediately continue the descent to the camp Wiwa, where they will spend the night.

Day 5 – Return to the city of Santa Marta, meet again with civilization!

On this day travelers just want to return to where everything started and rest, spend the last effort walking for about 5 hours on difficult trails , from Camp Wiwa to the point where the Trek to Lost City began.
If the physical exhaustion defeats you, you have the option of the mule that will allow you to descend comfortably until you reach the Mamey, this option is the one commonly taken by travelers who became ill or had an injury while on the road.

regreso de ciudad perdida una aventura ancestral
Here at the mamey will be waiting for a delicious lunch and transportation back to Santa Marta, therefore it is here that the experience of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ends, tired and happy without a doubt the experience is rewarding and will leave a teaching in our hearts.

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