Colombia Lost City Trek Packing List
what to take to the lost city trek

Lost City Trek Packing List

Wiwa Tours is a travel agency that operates the Lost City Trek Colombia with native indigenous guides. This tour is an adventure excursion through the jungle and mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the trails are unpaved, rocky and very humid.
To complete the Lost City Trek, it is required to implement a light travel equipment, regardless of the weather conditions of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Our travel agency has the service of luggage storage during the time of the tour, so you should focus on a comfortable backpack, which you will carry throughout the trip, remember that weight is a determining factor when walking long distances.

lost city trek packing list

The following is a list of what to bring to the Lost City of Colombia, indispensable items that you should pack in your backpack to make your hike with indigenous guides comfortable and pleasurable.

Recommendations for visiting the Lost City Colombia

A backpack not too big, comfortable and light to keep the important elements that you must carry to the Lost City Trek Colombia.
We recommend carrying a few large garbage bags to keep your backpack and especially your personal and electronic items dry.

Light and appropriate clothing for trekking, feeling comfortable at the time of walking, make a Trek, the perfect trip in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Hat or cap, ideal to protect us from the sun or rain during the excursion, since it will be constant during the adventure.

Special shoes for long hikes, they will facilitate the trekking through muddy and slippery trails, river crossings, jungle and mountains.

A flashlight, an indispensable element for the night, since the electric power in the camps is limited and everything remains in darkness after 9 pm.

Swimsuit During the trip, we will enjoy refreshing baths in the crystalline rivers that descend from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Water bottle or thermos of at least 1.5 liters being well hydrated during the excursion is vital, since the walk to the Lost City is physically demanding. You will be able to recharge your bottle of drinking water when you arrive at the camps along the route.

High-end camera or cell phone, the natural settings and experiences lived in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Lost City must be recorded in photos and videos.

Stick for Selfies, ideal together with the cell phone to photograph yourself, in amazing places.

Earplugs, in the camps you will share the accommodation in dormitories with other travelers, with these you will be able to fall asleep quickly, avoiding external noises.

Portable charger, It would serve as an alternative to charge your electronic equipment, in case you do not have several batteries.

Blocker or sunscreen, will serve to protect from the sun on the parts of the body that are directly exposed to UV rays.

Sunglasses, they will protect our eyes from the sun and wind during the excursion.

Bio-Repellent against insects, on the route to the Lost City Colombia, there is a constant presence of insects and mosquitoes, so you must protect your skin against bites.

Personal hygiene supplies, will serve to cover the basic needs of personal hygiene in the camps.

Personal towel, to dry off after a swim in the river or in the bathrooms of the campsites.

Cash, The Lost City Trek is an all-inclusive tour, but at all campsites they sell snacks, cold drinks, sodas, beer or any other snacks for purchase.

Personal medicines, indispensable for the traveler who needed them.

All NATIONAL and FOREIGN travelers who wish to book the Trek to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, must first present in our office, the Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 before starting the tour.

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