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Hiking Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

Knowing the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta ✅ Knowing the customs and traditions of a native indigenous community called Gotsezhy, may be the best tourist plan you can imagine.

1 day
1 Km

Lost City Trek Colombia 4 days

Adventure Trekking with indigenous guides  Where you will enjoy demanding challenges in this discipline, a 4 days Trekking to The Lost City is the best option to know fantastic places, during this ancestral journey.

4 days
50 Km

Sierra Nevada Santa Marta Hiking

During this adventure excursion ✅ We will be accompanied by an Indigenous Wiwa guide and we will enjoy an ecological trek through the jungles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

2 days
10 Km

Colombia Lost City Trek 5 days

New Columbia Lost City Trek ✅ This new trail is created with the purpose that adventurers who have good physical condition can interact with a Wiwa Indigenous Community on their first day of adventure.

5 days
60 Km

Lost City Trek 5 days

Trip to the Lost City of Tayrona ✅ You will be accompanied by indigenous guides and you will live a demanding hike for adventurers or athletes who enjoy long walks on ecological trails typical of the Sierra Nevada.

5 days
50 Km

Pueblito Chayrama Tour – Tayrona Park

On this trip ✅ you will be accompanied by an indigenous guide and enjoy an Ecological Walk ideal for tourists who enjoy the culture and traditions of indigenous peoples.


1 day
5 Km

Cabo San Juan Tayrona Park

On this Tour ✅  we will visit one of the best known destinations of the Tayrona Park, you can walk through ecological trails built by the ancient Tayrona and enjoy the wonderful crystalline sea.

1 day

Punta Gallinas Tour

When you are in Punta Gallinas ✅ you will find yourself in the northernmost point of South America, this tourist destination is located in the desert of the Guajira and hosts exotic landscapes full of magic and culture.

3 days
5:30 PM