September, temporary closure of The Lost City Colombia

Temporary closure of Colombia Lost City

Wiwa Tours informs all our travelers that in the month of September they will not be able to make the trek to the Lost City.

Cierre Temporal de Ciudad Perdida

We are a travel agency operated and run by Wiwa Indigenous of The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, we support and manage this decision together with the indigenous authorities of Close The Lost City in September for Mother Nature to restore the balance of this ecosystem.

Since the agreements of 2013, between indigenous peoples, farmers and travel agencies operating in The Lost City agreed to the total closure of the path to the  Lost City this month.

In this Time the Mamos and maximum indigenous authorities will make payments that are rituals where the indigenous people maintain their balance with nature and where they will return to the earth what has been taken from it for its regeneration and sanitation.

This agreement has been maintained thanks to the dialogues that have been held between the parties respecting this decision that was born since 2008.

Mamo de La Ciudad Perdida

The main reason for the closure of the route to the Lost City is because the native indigenous peoples of The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, the Kogui’s, Wiwa’s, Arhuacos and Kankuamos consider this archaeological site a “sacred site” and must perform annually the material and spiritual cleanings, of the energies and environmental sanitation so that the travelers continue having better experiences when visiting this important site.

Therefore, during that month the Lost City will be closed from September 1 to 30, where no type of walking services will be offered to this archeological city.

On behalf of Wiwa Tours, the only company that operates with indigenous guides of the Sierra Nevada who knows these processes up close and knowing that many travelers arrive in the city of Santa Marta to make the Trek to The Lost City in the month of September, Therefore, in conversation with the indigenous authorities, we opened a new tourist destination.

Refugio Wiwa Gotsezhy

This new destination is called “Tour to the Gotsezhy Refuge” and consists of visiting an indigenous community that inhabits the basin of the Guachaca River and learning about its customs and culture; To this destination we add a talk with the spiritual guide (MAMO) and a majestic natural waterfall called Matuna, where you can take a bath and cool off in these crystal clear waters.

We also have destinations in Alta Guajira where you can go hiking through the desert and knowing another indigenous culture, the Wayuu.


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