September, temporary closure of The Lost City Colombia

Welcome to the Lost City Colombia

Again Wiwa Tours informs all our adventurers with time that in the month of September they will not be able to make the trek to the Lost City Colombia.

Cierre Temporal de Ciudad Perdida

Wiwa Tours for being a Travel Agency operated and directed by Wiwa Indians of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, supports and helps to regulate this measure together with the indigenous authorities (Mamos), to temporarily close the Lost City Tayrona in the month of September , so that Mother Earth breathes and restores the balance of the ecosystems that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Since 2013, a pact has been respected between indigenous peoples, peasants and travel agencies operating in the Lost City Teyuna that agreed to a temporary closure during the month of September of the path that leads to the Lost City.

During this period of time the Mamos and maximum indigenous authorities will carry out Pagamento actions, which are ancient rituals where the natives maintain a balance with nature and where they will return to the earth what has been taken from it for their regeneration and sanitation of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

This agreement has been maintained for so many years thanks to the dialogues that have been maintained between the parties, respecting this decision that has been born since 2013.

Mamo de La Ciudad Perdida

One of the main reasons for the closure of the path that leads to Lost City is a general payment offered by the indigenous peoples of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Kogui’s, Wiwa’s, Arhuacos and Kankuamos that consider this archaeological site as a “sacred site ”And they must perform annually the material and spiritual cleanings, of the energies and environmental sanitation so that the travelers continue having better experiences when visiting this important site.

Therefore, during that month the Lost City of Tayronas will be closed, from SEPTEMBER 1 to 30, where no tourist services or walks to this archaeological city can be offered.

Guia Indigena en Ciudad Perdida

On the part of Wiwa Tours, the only company that operates with indigenous guides from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta who knows these processes closely and knowing that many travelers arrive in the city of Santa Marta to make the Trek to the Lost City in the month September, so in conversation with the indigenous authorities we opened a NEW TOURIST DESTINATION!



This new destination in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is called “The Gotsezhy Refuge”, it is a Wiwa indigenous community that inhabits the Guachaca river basin.

In this village of indigenous people they can learn about Wiwa customs and culture, they will know the whole process of Wiwa crafts from the time they cut the Maguey and extract the fique until they knit their already dyed fibers naturally, producing backpacks, clothes, handles, hammocks and other crafts.

To this destination we add a talk with the spiritual guide (MAMO) and just after visiting a natural beauty of Gotsezhy, a majestic ancestral waterfall called Matuna, where you can take a bath and cool off in these crystalline waters.

We also have several destinations in Alta Guajira where you can go hiking through the desert and observe the magic Cabo de la Vela of Punta Gallinas.

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