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Wiwa Tours Tourism Agency that was born in 2007 when the Wiwa Foundation saw that the tourist guide within the Sierra Nevada was an activity that the Indians could perform clearly since there is a harmony between the indigenous peoples and Mother Nature.

The possibility of creating a company that could provide Real Information about the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta to travelers who visited places of cultural interest. Guarantee the adventurer the best experience with the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta Colombia.

Indigenous people wiwa in tourism

Thus, after an intense management and work with the indigenous authorities, in the year 2008 Wiwa Tour was formally born, a company unique in its sustainable characteristics in the Caribbean and Colombian tourism sector.

Currently (2018) Wiwa Tour operates touristic with approximately 20 indigenous professional native guides between Kogui’s and Wiwa’s.

We are specialists in hiking trails (Trek’s) guided by our professional indigenous guides in the Trekking paths and cultural places of the Sierra Nevada.

Colombia Lost City Trekking

We have commercial alliances in La Guajira and very soon we will have the operation from Santa Marta to spectacular places such as Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas.

For more than 10 years in the tourism market, we have gained a lot of experience since we take into account the opinion of our travelers, in this time we have made a difference as a company that aims at 100% sustainability and that supports the communities local, the community economy and the recovery of sacred and tourist spaces that are within the indigenous territories of the Sierra Nevada.

To date Wiwa Tour, has several agreements with international organizations and companies, we define as part of our project Improve the basic conditions of local indigenous communities and aim for sustainable tourism.

It is in this way that Wiwa Tour integrates more than fifty (50) indigenous and peasant families so far. Now it is projected to improve all its services and create new paths for Colombian tourism, especially taking care of natural resources, indigenous peoples and ancestral and sacred territories.

The Featured Tours that Wiwa Tour offers its travelers are:

  1. Lost City Trek Ancestral Adventure – Indigenous Communities – Trek with indigenous guides
  2. Tour to the Gotsezhy Indigenous Community Magic – Culture – Jungle – Matuna Ancestral Waterfall.
  3. Punta Gallinas Tour Guajira – Excursion – Desert – Dunes
  4. Cabo de la Vela Tour  Guajira – Excursion – Desert – Dunes
  5. Tour a Cerro Kennedy Sighting of the snowy peaks and the Caribbean Sea.

These are some of the most requested destinations in our travel agency.

We are currently working on new tourist destinations that we will soon release to the market for all those who like to travel with indigenous guides, support local communities and enjoy the true cultural stories of the sites visited.

Although Wiwa Tour was born in the Wiwa indigenous community, one of the native cultures of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, its work has been extended to the Kogui’s and Arhuacos communities through agreements to support the different commercial and tourist processes within the the indigenous resguardos. We also support the social processes of these peoples, participating with materials for internal meetings and support for the quality of education for the new youth and leaders of the indigenous peoples of Colombia.

If you want to know in detail this great tourist project, you can travel and enjoy with the best travel agency of Santa Marta Wiwa Tour and its outstanding destinations, you will surely feel in harmony with nature.

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