Tayrona National Park Colombia

Tayrona National Natural Park

Tayrona National Park is located in Santa Marta, and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Colombia, This location is rich in diversity of flora and fauna, surrounded by wonderful rivers that embellish the ecosystem and its beautiful beaches that have a warm and crystalline sea. In this natural park it is where the mountainous system of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In it Tayrona Park in Santa Marta We find protected beaches, which are considered a natural reserve of this wonderful ecosystem, some of these beaches are unknown to many, then we will mention some:

  • Chengue Beach
  • Gairaca Beach
  • Cinto Beach
  • Guachaquita
  • Palmarito.

Did you know that in the Tayrona Park there are places of Indigenous settlement?

In pre-Columbian times, a complex system of stone roads, communicated the Tayronas indigenous villages of the coast, with Tayronas communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; These trails allowed the indigenous people to exchange salt and seashells, necessary for the mambeo of coca, for agricultural products and gold manufactures.

How to go to Tayrona Park

Main Characteristics of Tayrona Park Colombia

The Tayrona Natural Park It extends over 12,000 land hectares and 3,000 marine hectares, located north of the Magdalena department, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this place has an average temperature at sea level of 29º C and maintains two seasons a year:
The dry season of summer that goes from December to April and a summer between July and August, with extremely low chances of rain.
The rainy season of the winter that goes from May to June and from September to November, but it is very certain that the “warmth” is noticeable in the average temperature, which rarely drops below 27ºC and 28ºC.
In this area there are more than 100 species of mammals, 70 species of bats and several species of primates.
The solitary eagle and the white eagle are among the 300 unique and recorded species of the Tayrona Park Colombia.

Tayrona National Park Colombia Map

tayrona park map

The Best Beaches of Tayrona Park in Santa Marta Colombia

The Best Beaches of Santa Marta we find them in the Tayrona Park, white coral sand beaches and warm sea with blue contrasts, totally destined for Ecotourism and Tourism, such as: Bahía Concha, Playa Neguanje, Playa Cristal, Cabo San Juan, Arrecifes and Cañaveral, which with its crystalline sea and coral white sand are perfect to enjoy summer vacations.
The Tayrona National Park beaches are unique, characterized by being delimited by rocky atolls, mangroves, or scrublands and are part of the natural settings that the Tayrona Park Colombia offers. It is a wonderful place to practice Ecotourism and to venture into an Ecological and cultural trekking or simply to relax in a hammock or a camping under the sun of the Caribbean Sea, listening to the whisper of the breeze moving the palm trees and the gastronomy that is enjoyed in these Santa Marta beaches It is excellent, typical of the Colombian Caribbean where the fruits of the sea are the main dish.

Playa Cristal

playa cristal santa marta

Cabo San Juan

cabo san juan

The Best Beaches of Santa Marta

playa cristal santa marta
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Playa Cristal Santa Marta

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cabo san juan tayrona park
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Cabo San Juan Tayrona Park

Take this Tour to Cabo San Juan, Colombia ✅ Get to know one of the best-known tourist destinations in Santa Marta, where you will take an ecological walk through several beaches of the Tayrona National Park.
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