Tayrona Park open after close of a month approximately!

Tayrona Park open 2018

Tayrona National Park opened its doors to national and foreign visitors since March 1, in order to continue with its natural attraction one of the most important tourist sector of Santa Marta.

Those who did not know the meaning of this closure, we can affirm from our travel agency Wiwa Tours that this event had a spiritual significance of renewal and conservation of ecosystems, by our elder brothers who ensure that there is a natural balance between the mother earth and the human being within the limits that comprise the Tayrona National Natural Park.


Entrance Park Tayrona

The Forest ranger del Tayrona in their management reports revealed the great achievements that were achieved with this closure. In general, it served for monitoring, research, organization, waste collection and maintenance of infrastructure within the boundaries of Tayrona Park.
The magical presence of species such as the jaguar, paujil, maic monkey, alligator, babillas, birds, deer, ñeques was registered and in marine fauna there was a noticeable increase in species never seen before in the Park.

National Parks of Colombia reminded all visitors that the Tayrona Park is a protected reserve area, in which the terrestrial and marine ecosystems must be conserved, protect the species and respect the indigenous culture, for which they are reminded that they must contribute with their care, abide by the recommendations of the operators or park rangers, extract the generated solid waste and act in a responsible manner in all the tourist attractions within the Natural Park.


Indigenous People Chairama

Wiwa Tours Invite all our travelers to return to their tourist activities within the Tayrona Natural Park, which has the doors open again to our travelers and then you can book one of our Tours:

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Cabo San Juan Santa Marta
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Cabo San Juan Tayrona Park

On this Tour ✅  we will visit one of the best known destinations of the Tayrona Park, you can walk through ecological trails built by the ancient Tayrona and enjoy the wonderful crystalline sea.
1 day
Pueblito Chayrama Trek Santa Marta
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Pueblito Chayrama Tour - Tayrona Park

On this trip ✅ you will be accompanied by an indigenous guide and enjoy an Ecological Walk ideal for tourists who enjoy the culture and traditions of indigenous peoples.  
1 day
5 Km
Cristal Beach Tour Santa Marta
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Tayrona Park Tour - Cristal Beach

The Crystal Beach ✅ Cataloged as one of the best beaches in all Santa Marta with white sands and beautiful reefs, where you can not pass the opportunity to swim, sunbathe and practice Snorkeling.
1 day


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