Lost City Trek

Lost City Trekking 4 days Santa Marta
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Lost City Trek Colombia 4 days

Adventure Trekking with indigenous guides  Where you will enjoy demanding challenges in this discipline, a 4 days Trekking to The Lost City is the best option to know fantastic places, during this ancestral journey.
4 days
50 Km
Trek a la Comunidad Indígena Gotsezhy Santa Marta
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Indigenous Village Gotsezhy

During this cultural adventure excursion ✅ We will be accompanied by an Indigenous Wiwa guide and enjoy an Ecological Trekking for tourists who enjoy the typical fauna and flora of the trails of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.
2 days
10 Km
Lost City Trek 5 days Santa Marta
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Lost City Trek 5 days

Trip to the Lost City of Tayrona ✅ You will be accompanied by indigenous guides and you will live a demanding hike for adventurers or athletes who enjoy long walks on ecological trails typical of the Sierra Nevada.
5 days
50 Km
Lost City Ecological Trail
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New Lost City Trek 5 days

New hike to the Lost City Tayrona  It is ideal for adventurers who have a good physical condition and who want to live with the Wiwa Indigenous Community on their last day of adventure.
5 or 6 days
60 Km
Mutanzhy Village Trek Santa Marta
Reserva del 20%

Excursion to the Mutanzhy Community

We will know the Kogui indigenous community ✅ that is mostly made up of indigenous people, culturally conserved as they live in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada.
3 days
50 Km