The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

lost city 5 day tour
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Lost City Trek Colombia

In this Trek to the Lost City Colombia, you will enjoy a unique and fascinating adventure with indigenous guides ✅ You will be part of an ancestral journey through natural trails full of jungle and vegetation.
5 days
lost city tour
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Lost City Hike Colombia

Trek to the Lost City of Colombia with Native Indigenous Guides from the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ✅ Wiwa Tours invites you to enjoy this adventure Trek and conquer all the challenges that the Lost City Tayrona
4 days
gotsezhy wiwa
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Gotsezhy Refuge Trek

Make an Ecological Trek to the Wiwa Indigenous Community ✅ Travel and Know the Gotsezhy Refuge, Learn about the culture, customs and traditions of an Indigenous Village of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
gotsezhi refuge tour
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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Tour

Get to know of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ✅ Gotsezhy Refuge is the perfect plan to interact with the traditions indigenous.
1 day

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