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The Guajira Tour – Punta Gallinas

In the Tour to Punta Gallinas you will find yourself at the northernmost point of South America, this tourist destination is located in the desert of Guajira and hosts exotic landscapes full of magic that will take you to a unique experience of connection with nature and the environment.

In this place you will be totally disconnected from technology, you will be able to fully appreciate the Guajira’s desert that joins the waters of the Caribbean Sea creating a mythical landscape full of myths and legends of the Wayuu culture. In this wonderful tourist destination you will realize that the peninsula of The Guajira becomes a place out of this world.

PLACE OF DEPARTURE Santa Marta, Colombia.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at 4:30 AM to the indicated meeting point for an early departure.
RETURN TIME Approximately at 4:30 PM in the last day of the tour.
Professional Guide.
Interaction with the Wayuu culture.
All meals and snacks.
Travel insurance.
Contribution to indigenous and peasant communities.
Lodging in Chinchorros.
Ground Transportation.

Tour to the Guajira – Punta Gallinas


Day 1 - Departure

This Punta Gallinas Tour begins at approximately 4:30 am leaving from Santa Marta, heading to Riohacha, capital of the department of the Guajira, you will enjoy a typical breakfast, then you will head towards the Manaure salt flats, village that is characterized by its economy based on the processing of sea salt, there we will have a guided tour to learn about the process of salt production, then we cross the majestic Guajiro desert to reach Cabo de la Vela, a place where we will have lunch and take a well-deserved rest, to later visit Playa Dorada, the Pilón de Azúcar and the Faro where we can enjoy a beautiful sunset and hear from your guide the history of the place (Cabo de la Vela). At the end of the day we return to the Ranchería to sleep in Chinchorros (traditional hammocks of the Wayuu culture).

Day 2 - Punta Gallinas

On the second day we leave around 5:00 am, take the northern route through the desert to finally reach our destination Punta Gallinas, where we can enjoy a typical breakfast and take a short break. You will do a panoramic tour, where you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset at Punta Gallinas lighthouse, then we will have lunch, after that we will visit the Taroa Dunes and La Boquita Beach, later we will return to the ranchería (lodging place) where we can enjoy a typical dinner of the region.

Day 3 - Return

We start the day leaving early around 6:00 am, to take the return route through the Guajiro desert, to finally reach your destination: Uribía, the indigenous capital, where you can enjoy a good breakfast. Then you will take an air-conditioned vehicle to Riohacha, where you will do a short panoramic tour on the promenade to observe the beautiful handicrafts and the Wayuu culture. Here in Riohacha you will take a typical lunch and just after that you will go back to Santa Marta.

Note : The Itinerary the tour to the Guajira – Punta Gallinas varies depending on the weather conditions and land transportation means.

Important Information for Punta Gallinas Tour

Carry only the essentials, since weight is a determining factor when traveling, make sure to return all trash that you generated back to Santa Marta.

Do not damage the natural or cultural assets of Punta Gallinas, and respect the privacy of other tourists.

At Punta Gallinas and during the tour there is no mobile phone signal, so tell your family and friends that you can only communicate with them once you return from your this tour.

During the day the weather is very hot, so we recommend wearing comfortable swimwear, shirts and shorts; There is also the presence of mosquitoes and other insects, important to wear long pants and long sleeves to protect us from insects.

What to take to Punta Gallinas Tour
You can carry with you a small backpack Photographic Camera
Comfortable clothes Swimsuit
Resistant sandals. Hat or Cap.
Bio-Repellent. Sunscreen.
Plastic bags for garbage. Vaccine against yellow fever.

Reservation Policy

To book this tour per person, a deposit equivalent to 10% of the total value of the tour is required, through our web payment gateway, the remaining 90% must be canceled at our Wiwa Tours office, the same day we left for Punta Gallinas.
As a fundamental requirement to book the Tour to Punta Gallinas, you must come to our Wiwa Tours main office and present the documentation. For the day we leave for the tour, it is not necessary to carry the identity document, at least take a copy of it.
To cancel or modify a confirmed reservation, you must contact us 24 hours before the start date of the Tour, and during working hours.
Once The Punta Gallinas Tour begins, no refund of any kind is made.
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Tour Reviews

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January 13, 2018

The road to Punta Gallinas is not really a road so that you have ro go there by 4×4. But once you are there you know it was worth the hussle. Driving through the desert to arrive at the green cloured Caribbean Sea at the northest point of South America.

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