Let’s start to give you a clear idea of how to get to the Lost City in Colombia and how you can make this magical Adventure trek within the many things what to do in Santa Marta . There is no doubt that the Lost City (Tayrona) It is an archaeological tourist destination very similar to the

It is so sustainable the Ethno-tourism in Colombia , which in the specific case of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , the indigenous people of the Wiwa ethnic group have developed a model of Cultural Tourism in which excursions are made to native communities with indigenous guides. The Gotsezhy Refuge It is the Cultural Destination of the

The Best Trek to the Lost City Colombia you do with Wiwa Tours Next we will explain to you how the travel agency was born Wiwa Tours, With which you will make the Best Lost City Trek with our Native Indigenous Guides, direct descendants of the ancient Tayrona. We are one Travel Operator Agency to many destinations within

What to Bring to the Lost City Trek Colombia? Wiwa Tours is a travel agency that operates the Lost City Tour with Native Indigenous Guides. The Trek to Lost City It is an adventure excursion through the jungle and mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the trails are uncovered, rocky and very wet. Complete the

Did you know that the Tayrona Park Colombia will prohibit the entry of travelers by dates? Being this natural park one of the most important destinations in the tourism sector of Santa Marta ; we can affirm on the part of our Wiwa Tours travel agency that these closing events have a very important meaning of sustainability

Gotsezhy is a Wiwa Village embedded in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is located in the Guachaca River Basin via Santa Marta to Riohacha, Kilometer 49. This town was founded in 1986 by the spiritual leader Mamo Ramon Gil Barro of the Wiwa ethnic group, one of the four groups of the Sierra Nevada de