The fashionable tourist option in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , it’s called the Gotsezhy Refuge Trek, this tour consists of visiting and living with a Wiwa indigenous community descendants of the ancient Tayronas.

Without a doubt the Ethno-tourism in all its glory. In this Wiwa indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the Community Tourism , where with your support the social, economic and cultural development of the Wiwa de Gotsezhy Refuge is promoted.

In Gotsezhy More than 50 families of the Wiwa ethnic group are housed, the region is crossed by a river that bears the name of the town “El Encanto” Considered as a cultural, educational, administrative and political center of the Wiwa people in the department of Magdalena.

Tourists can visit the Gotsezhy Refuge, making a Ecological Trek As a family or in groups so that they can get to know and interact with the Wiwa culture of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

During this excursion they will go with indigenous guides who will accompany you on the trails of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , you will learn about the culture, beliefs, customs, values and sustainable knowledge systems that articulate the lives of Wiwa Indigenous of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the balance they maintain with nature.

Gotsezhy, Ethno-tourism in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Gotsezhy Refuge Tour , It is a walk through ecological trails to a small Wiwa Indigenous village embedded in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 450 meters above sea level.

Here we can take photographs of this community and visualize the huts (Bohíos Indígenas) that are the homes of the Wiwa, the indigenous guide leads to the hikers towards the tourist part of this town, where you will find a Cabin Restaurant where only the women of Wiwa ethnic group very dedicated and helpful, who will make you feel at home with a gastronomy typical of the place.

They will know in detail how indigenous Wiwa they maintain sustainable customs with the environment, they will learn how their fabrics work based on the MAGUEY, this native plant of America that is used to make various products such as: handles, backpacks, key chains, and hammocks.

You will also find in this Wiwa Gotsezhy Shelter a large hut where indigenous women weave and produce all their crafts based on the fique as the main resource.

They can find what they are backpacks of all styles , sizes and colors, also indigenous clothing, handcuffs, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the most important thing is that they teach tourists to weave that they so wish. With the purchase of a souvenir, tourists will be able to support the Wiwa women and in general the indigenous community tourism executed by Wiwa Tours .

Thanks to our Indigenous Guides of Wiwa Tours , we will have the opportunity to know in depth all the culture and indigenous customs, typical of our older brothers who inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and that they have a harmonious relationship with nature and the environment.

The Matuna Waterfall

Is spectacular natural waterfall is one of the main Gotsezhy Refuge attractions , It is considered one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and in this waterfall travelers can cool off and swim peacefully in its crystal clear waters, You must know this hidden wonder that the Gotsezhy Refuge has, that is why we recommend it by Wiwa Tours

DEPARTURE PLACE Wiwa Tours Main Office in Santa Marta
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive early at the indicated meeting point for a prompt departure at approximately 9:00 AM.
RETURN TIME At approximately 5:00 PM on the last day of the tour.
TOUR DURATION 2 Days / 1 Night.
TOTAL VALUE The price of the Trek to the Gotsezhy Refuge is 125 USD per person.
Transport in a 4 × 4 Jeep Native Indigenous Guide
Lunch and Dinner on day 1 Breakfast and Lunch on day 2
Accommodation in bed or hammock Travel insurance
Group chat with Mamo. Wiwa Handicrafts Exhibition.
Contribution to the Indigenous Community Contribution to the Peasant Community
IMPORTANT If you want to book this trek to the Gotsezhy Refuge, make a deposit of 25 USD that corresponds to 20% of the total value of the tour (125 USD).
The Gotsezhy 1 day Tour is the other option you can do.
Accommodation in the Gotsezhy Refuge is in a bed or hammock, the decision is made by the traveler.
Keep in mind that the Trek to Gotsezhy is an adventure excursion along a path surrounded by jungle, typical of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which involves constant physical activity.
Each traveler is responsible for their belongings, Wiwa Tours is not responsible for garments or articles lost in the Cabin or on the Trail.

All travelers NATIONAL and FOREIGN who make the Trek to the Gotsezhy Refuge, must present the result of the COVID-19 test, NEGATIVE with a maximum of 72 hours of validity before starting the tour.

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If you do not know how to get to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ? Here we show you the best way to get to know it in a adventure and culture excursion , hand in hand with our native indigenous guides .


Day 1: Departure

The beginning of tour to the Gotsezhy Refuge on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta It is approximately 8:30 am from Santa Marta.
All adventurers gather at the main office of Wiwa Tours where we will start the excursion in a 4 × 4 truck.
At about 9:45 am, we will be arriving at the town of Guachaca , place where the Trekking through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Here the indigenous guide reveals the route and the first indications of the Trek.
The walk up Gotsezhy (Wiwa Indigenous Village) lasts approximately three hours along a path that crosses peasant and indigenous territories.
Arriving to Gotsezhy You can observe the way of life of the indigenous people, here you will notice huts, traditional houses, a school, Wiwa families, children, adults and the elderly living in a sustainable society and in total balance with nature.
The walk continues for 15 more minutes until reaching the Gotsezhy Shelter (Wiwa Tourist Center) place where you will have a warm welcome from the Mamo (Spiritual Leader of Gotsezhy) who will give you a little talk and give you a handcuff as a sign of payment and protection.
They will take a well-deserved rest, settle in, and then start with the tourist activities in the Gotsezhy Refuge .
Depending on the arrival time the guide decides if they go to the Matuna waterfall before or after the typical lunch with the Wiwa Indigenous Community .
To visit the Matuna waterfall They must take a walk of approximately 15 minutes along trails on an ecological tour.
Arriving you will be able to appreciate a very beautiful natural scenery, the Matuna Waterfall , a waterfall of more than 10 meters high that generates a crystalline lagoon where tourists will enjoy a refreshing bath.
Back to the Gotsezhy Shelter , after visiting the Matuna Ancestral Waterfall They can change their clothes and rest for a while in the comfortable hammocks.
After the break the guide will give you a tour of the surroundings of the Wiwa Gotsezhy Shelter , they will be able to interact with the culture and traditions of the indigenous Wiwa, natives of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta .
After the talk of the indigenous guide at night, they have dinner in the main cabin of the Gotsezhy Shelter and just after they go to the lodging place where the adventurers will spend the night in beds or hammocks.


Day 2

The day starts early, hikers have breakfast, right after the indigenous guide teaches activities based on showing the culture and customs of the Wiwas .
This activity consists of extracting all the sap from the Maguey in order to obtain the fique.
The fique It is the raw material of the indigenous fabric, just after the man extracts the fibers and washes them well, he gives them to the woman to dye them naturally and make all their own handicrafts of the indigenous Wiwa .
The Wiwa women They are in charge of weaving all these fibers and making backpacks, clothes, handles and all kinds of handicrafts for commercialization.
They will give a talk and presentation of handicrafts typical of the Wiwa culture .
At around noon they will have lunch, rest for a while and then get ready and leave in a Trek to the village of Guachaca , place where the 4 × 4 truck will be waiting to take us back to the city of Santa Marta at about 5:00 pm.

Note : The Itinerary of the excursion to Gotsezhy It may vary depending on weather conditions or the means of land transportation.

Important Information for the Gotsezhy Refuge Trek

During this Trek to Gotsezhy Refuge , they must respect the privacy and culture of the indigenous Wiwa. We should not enter their huts, or take photographs of them or their belongings, without first informing the indigenous guide to request the proper permission.

Carry only the essentials in your suitcase, since weight is a determining factor when walking long distances, make sure you are in good physical condition, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages the day before and try to return all garbage to Santa Marta .

Not damage natural or cultural assets in Gotsezhy . During the tour there is no mobile phone signal, so tell your family and friends that you will only be able to communicate with them once you return from your experience.

During the day the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, T-shirts and shorts for walking; During the night the temperature drops to approximately 15 ° C and there is a greater presence of mosquitoes and other insects, it is important to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts to sleep and use insect repellent.

What to bring to the Gotsezhy Refuge Trek

A small backpack. Photographic camera.
Comfortable clothes for walking. Sturdy sandals.
Walking shoes. Hat or cap.
Bio-Repellent. Sunscreen.
Biodegradable Cleaning Tools. A flashlight
Swimsuit. Plastic bags for humidity.
Personal medicines. Vaccine – Yellow Fever (optional).

Reservation Policies

To book this tour, a 25 USD deposit , per person, equivalent to 20% of the total value of the tour ( 125 USD) , through our web payment gateway, the 80% remaining (100 USD) must be paid at the office of Wiwa Tours , the same day we went to the Wiwa Gotsezhy Refuge.
The identity document is a fundamental requirement to reserve the Gotsezhy tour For nationals, a copy of the personal identification card or passport in case of being a foreigner. For the day we go out on the tour, it is not necessary to bring your identity document, at least bring a copy of it.
To cancel or modify a confirmed reservation, you must contact us 48 hours before the start of the Tour, during business hours.
Once the Gotsezhy Refuge Tour , no refund of any kind is made.

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
4 de January de 2019

Un hermoso recorrido por la sierra nevada de santa marta, además de adentrarnos en la cultura wiwa nos llevamos recuerdos fantásticos de los paisajes y lugares visitados.

28 de March de 2019

Excelente destino cultural, conocí la cultura Wiwa, sus costumbres y tradiciones, además muy cerca del Refugio Gotsezhy, hay una espectacular cascada, se llama Matuna, también la llaman la laguna encantada.

4 de January de 2021

Como nuestro tiempo era limitado, solo tuvimos tiempo de quedarnos una noche. Sin embargo, la experiencia fue excelente. La logística estuvo muy bien organizada. Nuestro guía José fue impecable y nos brindó una fabulosa caminata guiada, explicando mucho sobre la historia, la cultura y la dirección futura de su comunidad y otras comunidades vecinas. la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, una de las mejores giras. Gracias al equipo de Wiwa Tours y a las comunidades por brindar una experiencia tan memorable. Altamente recomendado.

8 de April de 2021

Une expérience exceptionnelle à Gotsezhy, riche en culture, en émotions et intense! Un grand merci à nos José & José, pour leur soutien indéfectible, sans qui l’aventure n’aurait pas été si bonne.

8 de April de 2021

The Gotsezhy Refuge was by far one of the biggest points of interest in my Colombian adventure and if you want to have a deeper knowledge of the indigenous cultures still present in the area, you have to go with an indigenous guide and if possible do it with these guys. . I was lucky to have an amazing group, and the trekking is definitely not easy, but these incredible Landscapes are worth looking at, lots of information and good accommodation and food. The Wiwa Indians are definitely worth a visit.

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