Wiwa Water for the Lost City Tour

Wiwa Tour Colombia S.A.S, together with the Wiwa Foundation have developed different sustainability projects every year, this time the project deals with “Water purification and solid waste management”. This initiative is reduced to the generation of solid waste and garbage on the route Santa Marta – Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In the first instance, the objective is to improve the quality of water for travelers, workers and the community of the area, also the project is based on the need to reduce the amount of plastic bottles in the area as part of our contribution to sustainability and care for the environment.

The project has two parts: The first one is the implementation of water treatment and purification plants in three strategic sites. The technique for water purification is done through the novel method of using pressure and gravity to filter water. Travelers can recharge water in their bottles in those places and keep a single bottle all the way to La Ciudad Perdida, as they can reuse their water bottle.

The second part of the project m manages the process of collecting those plastic bottles used in the walk, which will be recycled to the place where the walk starts and will not be left on the road, this will reduce considerably the solid waste during the Trek.

With the development of this project, the company Wiwa Tours and the Wiwa Foundation contribute to the environmental sustainability of the area and to the protection of the Fauna and Flora of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta.

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