Wiwa Tours Colombia S.A.S

We are the first indigenous travel agency which operates the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta and the Lost City with indigenous guides from the area. The project was developed jointly by the traditional authorities and the WIWA and KEMAKUMAKE KUDZHESHI foundations in 2008 as part of a management for the control and management of tourism within the indigenous territories of the area, that is why Wiwa Tours is the only one company that has the endorsement of the traditional authorities of the area to work with local indigenous guides, an agency that creates work teams ranging from logistics, cooks, muleteers, guides, vendors, drivers and the administrative part. Currently, Wiwa Tours works directly with more than fifty (50) indigenous families in the area, throughout the year so that travelers have a magical experience in our different tourist destinations.
The word Wiwa comes from the Dʉmʉna language, which is the language of the Wiwa People, is a compound word, which means community of the lower area of the Sierra Nevada. WI means “warm weather”, “warm zone” and WA means people. Therefore, Wiwa Tours is the tourist agency that offers services related to the Wiwa community of Sierra Nevada, using a unique way of making sustainable tourism, a local and community tourism which supports local processes with the Wiwa Foundation and Kemakumake.
It is currently carrying out several projects together with the Indigenous Authorities of the area, such as: garbage management, training new supports, social and labor support, participation in productive and cultural projects, road repairs, construction of community infrastructures and others. Our objective is that, as a tourist company, it is to recover the tranquility and autonomy in our ancestral lands and to direct tourism to a sustainable and community activity, where the same indigenous people train the activity of tourism without losing the customs and millenary traditions. Guaranteeing the process of territorial sanitation and economic autonomy for the families and communities where the Wiwa Tours operates hand in hand with the indigenous authorities.
Wiwa Tours has participated in different national and international events, where the new indigenous communities determine the form of tourism development and not an invasive and uncontrolled touristic development. If you want to be part of this local project, you have to know our services and when traveling with us, you also contribute with a community process of the indigenous peoples of the area.


We are the first travel agency which operates in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta with indigenous guides; We are committed with the satisfaction of our clients offering a unique experience, with the development of indigenous and peasant communities in the area where we operate, helping to grow the local economy and protecting the culture of the indigenous territories, having as support and supporting the main local traditional authorities. This is how we carry out tourism activity under a framework of commitment with society and the respect for the environment.


In our Travel Agency Wiwa Tours Colombia SAS we work hard to establish ourselves as a leading indigenous organization in the tourism sector of the Caribbean region and Sierra Nevada from  Santa Marta, in order to be  recognized for the quality of our services, integrating the aspects of the sociocultural as well as environmental at the time of carrying out our operation, in order to achieve sustainable growth hand in hand with our local indigenous communities that dwell the Sierra Nevada  from Santa Marta.

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