The Best Pictures of Santa Marta Colombia

Lost City Colombia - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Tayrona Park - Alta Guajira

Do you know the Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Santa Marta?

Here we have a compilation of our best photos and pictures of Santa Marta Colombia, Lost City, Tayrona Park and Alta Guajira among other tourist destinations in the Caribbean that will help you plan your summer vacations.

All our photographs are memories and experiences of our travelers that will inspire your next travel photography; Tours with Indigenous Guides to the Lost City of Colombia, Hiking in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Visits to Native Indigenous Communities, Ecological Walks within the trails of the Tayrona Park, Trips to the best beaches of Santa Marta, Endemic Bird Watching and many more places full of magic and nature, that will take you completely into the rich Colombian culture.

If you still have not decided to visit Santa Marta and its enchanting beaches, indigenous settlements and culture, we bring you many pictures that will tell the story of Santa Marta; Make up your mind and start your adventure, we will make sure it is a memorable and probably one of the best of your life, come and enjoy the hand of Wiwa indigenous guides of our landscapes, for now while you decide, enjoy the best pictures of Santa Marta and its surroundings.

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step”



ciudad perdida tour con guias indigenas wiwa
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Lost City Hike Colombia

Trek to the Lost City of Colombia with Native Indigenous Guides from the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ✅ Wiwa Tours invites you to enjoy this adventure Trek and conquer all the challenges that the Lost City Tayrona
4 days, 4 days
8/10, 8/10
ciudad perdida tour de 5 dias
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Lost City Trek Colombia

In this Trek to the Lost City Colombia, you will enjoy a unique and fascinating adventure with indigenous guides ✅ You will be part of an ancestral journey through natural trails full of jungle and vegetation.
5 days
gotsezhy wiwa
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Gotsezhy Refuge Trek

Make an Ecological Trek to the Wiwa Indigenous Community ✅ Travel and Know the Gotsezhy Refuge, Learn about the culture, customs and traditions of an Indigenous Village of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
2 days
gotsezhi refuge tour
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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Tour

Get to know of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ✅ Gotsezhy Refuge is the perfect plan to interact with the traditions indigenous.
1 day