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Physical Effort
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Gotsezhy Refuge Tour

Knowing the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and taking a one-day tour to the Gotsezhy Refuge, knowing the customs and traditions of a Wiwa Indigenous Community, may be the best tourist plan you can imagine.

The Gotsezhy Indigenous Refuge belongs to a Wiwa Community embedded in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, descendants of an ancient culture, called the Tayrona Indigenous Peoples who lived many years ago in what is now known as the Lost City of Teyuna.

Here you will see Ethno-tourism in all its splendor, you will walk through trails covered with tropical jungle with the help of our indigenous guides, and you will enjoy a magical river, to be more exact an ancestral waterfall called Matuna.

Discovering new places where indigenous peoples and nature meet, knowing in depth the worldview of our older brothers and recognizing the importance of nature is one of the best Eco-Tourist trips to take in Santa Marta.

The indigenous guides are natives of this place, so the visit will be like visiting a friend’s house where you can enjoy lunch made by the women of the community and appreciate indigenous crafts. The struggle of this people since the 1980s is a wonderful story, where in the midst of the armed conflict it has managed to recover the territories, sacred places and lands for development and cultural strengthening, that is why with your visit, you contribute with the strengthening cultural and environmental.

PLACE OF DEPARTURE Santa Marta, Colombia.
DEPARTURE TIME Approximately 5:30 am from the place of accommodation
RETURN TIME Approximately at 4:30 PM in the last day of the tour.
Local Indigenous Guide. Meals.
Gotsezhy Tour. Interaction with the Wiwa Culture.
Meeting with the Mamo. Exposition of Crafts.
Travel Insurance. Transport in a 4×4 jeep and hiking trails.
Accommodation in Hammocks. A Contribution to indigenous and peasant           communities.

Tour a la Comunidad Wiwa Gotsezhy


Día 1 - Salida

They leave at approximately 5:30 am from the place where they are staying, in a 4 × 4 truck we pick up all the hikers in the vehicle in order to head towards the town of Guachaca, where a new route begins by uncovered road to To reach a Wiwa Indigenous Community called Gotsezhy, the tour in the van will last approximately 2 hours.

At approximately 7:30 am they will be arriving at Gotsezhy Town where all travelers get ready to start a small ecological walk.

Here they will observe a large number of Wiwa Indigenous living together in a community where they will also observe the village school and a large number of houses (Indigenous Bohíos).

There they will be able to interact with members of the Wiwa community , observing the indigenous houses (indigenous huts), the community school and important sites of the Gotsezhy People.

The Ecological Trek will last approximately 20 minutes (1 km) until we reach our destination, the Wiwa Gotsezhy Refuge, a small indigenous community made up of several families, who will make you feel at home, they are all Very friendly and helpful, they will show you how they have lived with nature for many years. At approximately 8:00 am we will have breakfast, prepared by the women based on your eating habits and the delicious indigenous gastronomy of this town, almost immediately we will visit some ancestral and cultural places in the company of MAMO and the indigenous guide , who will give them spiritual talks and exhibition of handicrafts typical of the Wiwa . At around noon they will have lunch, rest for a while in the hammocks and then go on a walk through paths full of vegetation and go to enjoy a refreshing bath in the ancestral Matuna waterfall .

After enjoying these crystalline waters of the Matuna waterfall for more than an hour, we returned to Gotsezhy to take some pictures with the Mamo and the indigenous families that live there. You will walk back to Gotsezhy Town where the 4×4 vehicle will be waiting for you to take you back to Santa Marta.

Note : The Itinerary of the tour to the Gotsezhy Refuge varies depending on the weather conditions and the means of ground transportation.

Important Information for the Excursion to Gotsezhy Refuge

During this Trek to Gotsezhy Refuge you must respect the privacy of the Indigenous. We must not enter into their rooms or take pictures of them or their belongings without first asking them permission or talking with the guide to indicate what the protocol to follow is.
Carry only the essentials, since weight is a determining factor when walking, make sure you are in good physical condition, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages the day before and take back with you all trash to Santa Marta.
Do not damage natural or cultural assets. In the Gotsezhy Refuge and during the tour there is no mobile phone signal, so notify your family and friends that you can only get in touch with them once you return from your trekking experience.
During the day the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, shirts and walking shorts; during the night the temperature drops to 14 C approximately and there are a lot of mosquitoes and other insects, it is important to wear long pants and long sleeves shirts to sleep and to use insect repellent.

What to take on the excursion to Gotsezhy Refuge.

A small backpack. Photographic camera.
Comfortable clothes for walking. Resistant Sandals.
Walking shoes. Hat or cap.
Bio-Repellent. Sunscreen.
Biodegradable Toilet Tools. A flashlight.
Swimsuit. Plastic bags for moisture.
Personal medicines. Vaccine against yellow fever.

Reservation Policy.

To book this tour per person, a deposit of 20% of the total value of the tour is required, through our web payment gateway, the remaining 80% must be canceled at our Wiwa Tours office, the same day we leave for The Indigenous Community of Gotsezhy.
As a fundamental requirement to book Tour to the Indigenous Community Gotsezhy, you must present your personal ID and passport in case of being a foreigner at our Wiwa Tour main office. It is not necessary to carry the identity document the day we leave for the tour. Just take at copy of it.
To cancel or modify a confirmed reservation, you must contact us 24 hours before the starting date of the Tour, during working hours.
Once The Wiwa Refuge Gotsezhy begins, no refund of any kind will be made.

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