5 days
50 Km
Physical Effort
15 +

Lost City Trek Colombia

On this tour, we will be accompanied by indigenous guides and face a demanding Trek for adventurers or athletes who enjoy long walks on trails.
The Lost City (Teyuna) has been compared to the ruins of Machu Pichu, for being a city built by indigenous people before the conquest (that is to say, it is a pre-Hispanic work), but it is worth to bear in mind that the architecture of The Lost City has not been restored, and its terraces, roads and architecture are as they were during the passing of several centuries.
During the Lost City Tour 5 days you will be able to visit this magnificent work created by the ancient Tayrona Indigenous people with the help of their descendants the Wiwa Indigenous guides, who will teach you the culture and the natural and ancestral wealth that this magical place has.

PLACE OF DEPARTURE Santa Marta, Colombia.
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at 8:15 AM to the indicated meeting point for an early departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately at 4:30 PM in the last day of the tour.
Local Indigenous Guide. Meals and a Wiwa water bottle.
Trekking to the Lost City. An Interaction with the indigenous culture.
A Contribution to indigenous communities. Transport in a 4×4 jeep and hiking trails.
Accommodation in Hammocks. A Contribution to peasant communities.

Lost City Tour Colombia


Day 1

We will begin our trip at 8:30 am, in a 4 × 4 vehicle from Santa Marta to the Mamey sector (Machete Pelao), where we will have lunch, and then start the Trekking, being one of the best Trek of South America, we start the hike through ecological trails, which consists of approximately 7.6 km to reach the first camp Adan’s Cabain, in this rural community we will be at 450 meters above sea level, here we will spend our first night, we will rest of this first day of hiking that is demanding and we recommend to receive the instructions of the guide carefully, during the tour we will enjoy a crystal clear river where we will take a bath and will be able to observe the great richness of the flora and fauna of the place. Some tourists complete the Trekking in 3 hours, others in 5 hours; everything depends on your physical condition and weather conditions.


Day 2

We start the day with a 5.0 km Trek (approximately 4 hours), from Adan’s Cabain to the Wiwa Cabain, a Wiwa Indigenous Community, located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, in this camp we will rest a little bit, after that the guide will teach you part of the culture and traditions of this Indigenous community, here we will appreciate much of the fauna and flora typical of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta. In the afternoon we can relax and take a bath in the magical river with crystal clear waters. At night before sleeping, the Indigenous guide will tell you more about the place and the sacred meaning for the Indians.


Day 3

We will have breakfast early in he morning, then continue with the walk from the Wiwa Cabain to the third campsite Paraíso Teyuna Cabain , the route consists of 9.6 km, approximately, this indigenous camp is located at 830 meters above sea level, here we will be very close of Lost City (Teyuna), the sacred city of the Tayronas. During this tour we will observe much of the fauna and flora typical of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. In the afternoon we can relax and enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters, then we will camp at night, and the Indigenous Guide will talk to you in more detail about the Lost City and the sacred meaning for the native indigenous communities.


Day 4

We will have breakfast very early, and immediately we will start the 1.2 km Trek until we reach the first terrace of the Lost City, after having walked 1,200 steps to climb to the top, we take a rest and wait that all the group be together to follow the protocol of entry to this magical and sacred place for you, the tour will last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, during the time we are here we can enjoy the scenery and take excellent photographs, we will go down to the camp (Paraiso Teyuna), when the tour is finished, where we will have lunch, rest a bit and then continue descending to the second camp Wiwa Cabain.


Day 5

On the last day of the adventure we will eat breakfast and then continue on the way back to the Adán Cabain, rest for a moment and immediately we will continue our trek back to the mamey (Machete Pelao), where we will have lunch, and depart right away in the 4×4 truck which is waiting for you to go back to Santa Marta where we will arrive around 5:00 pm, having fully enjoyed an enriching and new experience in the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta.

Note : The Itinerary of Lost City Tour varies depending on the weather conditions and land transportation means.

Important Information for the Lost City Trek

During this Lost City Trek 5 days you must respect the privacy of the Indigenous. We must not enter into their rooms or take pictures of them or their belongings without first asking them permission or talking with the guide to indicate what the protocol to follow is.
Carry only the essentials, since weight is a determining factor when walking, make sure you are in good physical condition, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages the day before and take back with you all trash to Santa Marta.
Do not damage natural or cultural assets. In the Lost City and during the tour there is no mobile phone signal, so notify your family and friends that you can only get in touch with them once you return from your trekking experience.
During the day the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, shirts and walking shorts; during the night the temperature drops to 14 C approximately and there are a lot of mosquitoes and other insects, it is important to wear long pants and long sleeves shirts to sleep and to use insect repellent.

What to take to Lost City Trek

A small backpack. Photographic camera.
Comfortable clothes for walking. Resistant Sandals.
Walking shoes. Hat or cap.
Bio-Repellent. Sunscreen.
Biodegradable Toilet Tools. A flashlight.
Swimsuit. Plastic bags for moisture.
Personal medicines. Vaccine against yellow fever.

Reservation Policy.

To book this tour per person, a deposit of 20% of the total value of the tour is required, through our web payment gateway, the remaining 80% must be canceled at our Wiwa Tours office, the same day we leave for The Lost City.
As a fundamental requirement to book The Tour to Lost City, you must present your personal ID and passport in case of being a foreigner at our Wiwa Tour main office. It is not necessary to carry the identity document the day we leave for the tour. Just take at copy of it.
To cancel or modify a confirmed reservation, you must contact us 24 hours before the starting date of the Tour, during working hours.
Once The Lost City Tour begins, no refund of any kind will be made.
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Crystal river in Lost City Santa Marta
Indigenous Guidance to Lost City Santa Marta
Archeological ruins of Lost City Santa Marta
Indian terrace Lost City 5 days
Lost City Tour Santa Marta
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The Lost City Wiwa Santa Marta
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Indigenous culture in Lost City Santa Marta
Road to Lost City Teyuna Santa Marta
Camp to Lost City Colombia

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 8 reviews
October 2, 2017

Excelente Trekking, mejor mil veces que el de Machu Pichu, menos costoso y de calidad, lo mejor de este destino es que no te encuentras con demasiados turistas, como en las ruinas de Machu Pichu que hay mucha gente.

January 3, 2018

Una experiencia inolvidable, lo recomiendo 100%.

January 13, 2018

We had a great experience with Jose Maria and Wiwa Tours. I recommend Wiwa Tours because the company is run by the local Wiwa people. Jose Maria gave us a great insight into the culture , nature and history. The guides speak Spanish, for English speakers you might be fortunate to have an English and Spanish speaker in your group, we were glad we took a translator organised by Columbia 57, thanks Junior! Tour was very well organised and food was very good. Pack as light as you can. Trek is not long but quite tough with steep terrain and often very wet. We took five days , which meant a bit of hanging around, four days probably best if you have reasonable walking stamina. The Lost City is a fascinating site. We were really fortunate to meet the local shaman.

March 30, 2018

Impresionante experiencia! Los guías inmejorables: Leandro, Daniel y Santiago muchas gracias por vuestra amabilidad y cuidados. Hasta pronto!

March 30, 2018

Excelente tour, una experiencia inolvidable, nuestro guías hicieron del viaje algo bellísimo, gracias a Santi, Dani y Leandro por todas sus enseñanzas y cuidados, los amé!! Recomendadísima la agencia!

July 4, 2018

Una excelente travesía, guiados de la mano de José, el mejor guía que pudimos tener, siempre se recordara esta aventura por los guías y las personas que nos acompañaron.

July 14, 2018

Nous avons choisi wiwa tours tout à fait par hasard et nous avons fais un exellent choix. Nous sommes partis faire la ciudad perdida en 5 jours avec deux guides locaux et toutes l’équipes qui s’occupent de l’intendance. Tout a été parfait,les logements sur des lits et pas en hamacs comme d’autres tours operateurs,les repas sont bons et copieux. Les guides donnent les explications en espagnol mais il y a toujours quelqu’un pour faire la traduction en anglais. C’est une agence sérieuse.

December 17, 2018

Una aventura que a pesar del gran esfuerzo y el cansancio, se quedará grabada en mi memoria, como una de las más bellas visitas que halla podido a haver, a una ciudad mágica, agradezco a nuestro guia Luntana, y a al traductor Victor, quines siempre eestivieron pendientes y nos ayudaron durante el camino.

January 1, 2019

Buenas tardes, somos una pareja que estamos viajando a Cartagena el 16/3 (20días) y queríamos hacer la excursión a la Ciudad Perdida el día 17/3
Estuvimos viendo la web y tienen dos tipos de excursiones, y queríamos consultarles:
1. Si tienen hospedaje en Santa Marta para pasar una noche
2. Si el equipaje para nuestras vacaciones en general podríamos dejarlo en sus oficinas
3. Cual sería el equipamiento a llevar a la excursión
4. Los días y lugar de salida de la excursión
5. Si tienen traslado desde el hospedaje al punto de salida
6. Que comidas incluye la excursión (desayuno, almuerzo, merienda, cena)
7. Que otro tipo de alimento podemos llevar nosotros como colaciones entre comidas
Mi teléfono de contacto +54944253537

January 4, 2019

Great Experience! I would recommend it not only for the experience to see the Lost City, but also the walk and the challenges. If you are ready to be fisically and metally challenged, do it! Logistics were very well managed, and our guides Julian, Esteven, y Pedro did a fantastic job! I would recommend to provide more trail information in advance.

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